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Promoting Neighbourliness and helping those who are isolated

by danielbarker on 17 March, 2020

Can you or someone you know volunteer and support anyone in your neighbourhood who is in isolation or vulnerable, or could be in the foreseeable future?

In response to the current situation around Coronavirus (Covid-19), Walsall Council and partners are working together in readiness to support our community, especially the elderly and vulnerable residents. 

If you as an organisation or an individual would like to help with this by volunteering (for example, shopping, picking up medications, etc.) or providing resources (for example, storage facilities, kitchen facilities, etc.), please contact me as soon as possible on the details below. 

Please share this message with others who may also want to give their support.


Michael Greenfield

Locality Manager:

Willenhall, Short Heath,  Darlaston & Bentley

Localities & Partnerships 

Resources and Transformation

1B First Floor, Civic Centre,

Darwall Street,


West Midlands,


  • Follow me on Twitter @LocalitiesWest

Telephone:  01922 65 4684

Mobile:  07908 138489


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