Walsall Healthcare hosts knife crime partnership sessions

by danielbarker on 24 August, 2019

Walsall Healthcare NHS Trust is working with the family and friends of James Brindley, who was fatally stabbed in Aldridge two years ago, to host awareness and safeguarding sessions on Tuesday 17 September at the Manor Hospital, for professionals and young people.

From 6pm to 8pm there will be a session aimed specifically at young people with support from local boxers and a martial arts school as well as a former gang member who turned his life around.

The Trust is planning to offer plenty of freebies for young people at this event, including meal vouchers, pampering treatments, cinema or event tickets and a prize draw to win something special. A DJ will be playing throughout the event.

A small cafe area will be transformed into a mini cinema, with complimentary popcorn, to show a short film of James’ parents talking about the impact knife crime has on a family. There will also be stands showing what support is out there for young people in terms of careers, training, hobbies and other opportunities.

During all the events there will be information stands from support agencies in the hospital’s main atrium.

For more information, please email Kate Goodall – kate.goodall@walsall.gov.uk

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