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by danielbarker on 5 April, 2019

Schools across Willenhall have seen class sizes increase as schools in the area have had their funding slashed under the Conservatives since 2015 by over £700,000. The per-pupil loss averages out at £180 with Primary Schools coming off worst. One of our Primary Schools has seen its per-pupil funding fall by over £400! 

Willenhall Liberal Democrats are demanding better. Investing in high quality early years education has a huge impact on children’s attainment as they enter school. Our most vulnerable children have the most to gain from excellent early years setting, with partnerships with parents a key component

Right across England schools are facing an unprecedented funding crisis, with rising pupil numbers and an inadequate financial settlement means that real-terms per-pupil funding is being squeezed. At the same time the Conservatives’ flawed approach to the National Fair Funding Formula means some schools will lose out even more.

Liberal Democrats believe every child deserves a high-quality education, wherever they live. We will fight to ensure that every child in Willenhall is taught in a local school judged to be good or outstanding by OFSTED.

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