Pandering to UKIP will damage the UK

by danielbarker on December 18, 2014

Published on Liberal Democrat Voice By NewsHound | Tue 16th December 2014 – 10:10 am Lib Dem party president Tim Farron argues that “a simplistic debate over immigration will force potential wealth creators overseas” over at the Huffington Post website today. Here’s an excerpt: “Pollsters will say that migration is one of the main concerns […]

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by danielbarker on December 17, 2014

Attainment in primary schools has risen in every subject and disadvantaged pupils continue to close the gap on their peers – latest figures for primary tests show. The results for more than half a million 11-year-olds show the percentage achieving the expected level in reading, writing and maths has risen to 79 per cent. While […]

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Nick Clegg has hit back at the Conservatives’ plans on tax and spending, warning they will have to “come clean” about spending plans should they win the general election. The Liberal Democrat leader said that the Conservatives’ promises to balance the books were implausible and called on them to explain in detail where cuts would […]

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Walsall Council’s Labour Cabinet meet tonight to discuss amongst other things a report on the Council Tax Reduction Scheme. This scheme is a discount that people on low incomes can claim in order to reduce the amount of Council Tax they pay. Labour’s new bosses have decided that this scheme should be looked at as […]

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Record number of families in work

by danielbarker on December 12, 2014

The UK now has the highest proportion of working families since records began, according to recently released figures. Almost 90% now have at least one adult who is in employment, with the biggest increase among single parents. When records started in 1996, just 47% of lone-parent families were classed as working. This has now increased […]

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Published on Liberal Democrat Voice By Stephen Phillips | Mon 8th December 2014 – 3:28 pm Is it just me, or has something recently changed in British politics? In fact, this apparent move towards what some might see as extremism may also be a characteristic of the political scene in Europe and further afield, too. […]

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Coalition draws up budget charter

by danielbarker on December 9, 2014

The Conservatives and Liberal Democrats are working to publish a new fiscal framework committing the two parties to eliminating the structural deficit by 2018. Although both parties are in agreement on a 2018 target date for scrapping the deficit, the Lib Dems want to cut borrowing through a mix of spending cuts and tax rises, […]

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Welby: Free school meals should be extended

by danielbarker on December 8, 2014

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Reverend Justin Welby, has called on the Government for more help to prevent families going hungry. In a Parliamentary report, which is jointly backed by Labour MP Frank Field and the Bishop of Truro, he will call for at least £150m of state-backed support to combat hunger. The Mail […]

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Time to burst the Westminster bubble

by danielbarker on December 5, 2014

by Dan Barker 5.12.14 Watching BBC1′s ‘Question Time’ last night, I thought Omid Djalili and a member of the audience between them hit the nail on the head. Omid said people had been turned of politics by MPs behaving like sheep, playing the game of ‘trying to stay in power’. A man in the audience […]

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Government-commissioned housing plans unveiled

by danielbarker on December 4, 2014

Danny Alexander, the (Lib. Dem.)chief secretary to the Treasury, has set out proposals for the Government to directly commission the building of houses on state-owned land. Under the plans, the Homes and Community Agency would oversee a master plan for the site and commission thousands of homes, a small number of which would be affordable. […]

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