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Another good reason for not voting Tory or Reform

by danielbarker on 1 July, 2024

Nigel Farage has made no secret of his desire to lead the Conservative Party – something any Reform supporter who hates the Tories should consider – and his wish may well come true!

The Conservatives are heading for a massive defeat – all those opinion polls can’t be wrong. They will be dispirited and want to change their leader for someone more charismatic. Reform are now predicted to win some seats. Farage is predicted to finally get elected. What’s the betting (pardon the pun) that Nigel will be straight round to the surviving Tories suggesting a merger and offering himself as their electoral saviour.

If we are not careful, we could end up with the most right-wing opposition party this country has ever seen.

If you care about this country and you don’t want it to be run by the sort of right-wing xenophobics we thought we’d defeated in World War 2, you shouldn’t vote Conservative or Reform. Nor should you vote for either if you don’t want the NHS to go further down the road of privatisation, a key policy of Reform. And if you care for the environment? Reform are run by climate-change deniers.

The vote you make on Thursday could have far reaching consequences. Make sure you vote for change for the better, not for the worse!

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