Government ends financial support for hospitals so parking charges return

by danielbarker on 27 April, 2021

News from Walsall Manor Hospital

Car parking charges for visitors and patients have been re-introduced at the hospital now that Government financial support has ended. Charges were waived during the Covid-19 pandemic – shortly after the national lockdown back in March this year – with the Department of Health and Social Care providing funding to NHS trusts to cover lost revenue.

Richard Beeken, Chief Executive said: “We appreciate this will not be a popular decision among our patients and visitors but the Government was very clear that its financial support to NHS trusts would not be able to continue indefinitely. What I would say is that we are holding many more phone and video consultations, where appropriate, so fewer patients are having to travel and incur charges. This is also having an effect on our clinics, meaning those for whom a face to face appointment is necessary are having shorter waits and report a more efficient service”.

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