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Walsall Council Budget – still time to have your say

by danielbarker on 20 November, 2020

Budget consultation opened on 29 October 2020 and will close in 10 days time on 30 November. You can have your say on the proposals by completing this online questionnaire.

Budget setting timeline

  • Public consultation on draft proposals 29 October – 30 November 2020.
  • Scrutiny Committees receive the draft revenue budget proposals from 3 November with feedback to Cabinet on 9 December 2020.
  • Cabinet on 9 December 2020  – updated draft revenue budget, further saving proposals for 2021/22, analysis of the Spending Review/Round 2020 and, if available, the draft core grant Settlement from Government.
  • Scrutiny Committees receive the further budget proposals for comment, along with draft capital programme proposals.
  • Statutory consultation for business rates payers to January 2021. 
  • Budget briefings for political groups and independent members, as required. 
  • Council tax base to be approved by the s151 Officer by January 2021.
  • Receipt of the final settlement late January / early February 2021.
  • Recommendation of the final budget by Cabinet on 10 February 2021.
  • Council set the final budget envelope (statutory determinations) and council tax on 25 February 2021.

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