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Communities platform to connect local volunteers and those who need help

by danielbarker on 18 May, 2020

Please see below is an email I received from British Gas / Centrica plc

Dear Councillor,

I wanted to share details of a new and free online service, backed by British Gas, that helps bring together volunteers and people who need help with essential household tasks in their local area. It may be of help to your constituents at this challenging time.

Once signed up with Communities @ Local Heroes, those that need help can easily post requests for support, and those who want to volunteer can quickly see who in their local area needs help.

For example, if someone needs help in picking up essential supplies from the shop, they can turn to Communities @ Local Heroes to find someone who could do this for them. Or, if they’re wanting to get more involved but need a helping hand with how to find people in need, they can turn to Communities to see who wants support. And, it doesn’t have to be something that needs to be picked up or delivered, it could easily just be a phone call to chat or help someone fix something remotely.

To keep volunteers and those in need of help safe, Communities @ Local Heroes only encourages services that follow Government advice.

We know you will be a focal point for local residents who may need help at this time and thought you may be able to help us to make a difference by letting your local community know that this facility is available. We’ve suggested a possible tweet, Facebook or community noticeboard post below:

  • New service from @LocalHeroesUK offers free, easy & flexible way to ask for help with the essentials or give some time to support our local community during the Covid-19 outbreak. If you need assistance or want to volunteer – sign up here #community

Thanks for your time, and please let me know if there is anything that we can do to help in the meantime.

Yours sincerely,


Alex Anderson

British Gas & Centrica plc

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