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by danielbarker on 17 March, 2020

Willenhall Lib Dems call on the government to provide emergency funds as the Covid-19 crisis deepens. Local businesses such as hospitality and catering have around 6 weeks until they start to run out of cash.

Closed pub

Since the crisis started hotel occupancy has fallen 15% while eating and drinking out has declined by 7% and bookings across hotels, restaurants, pubs and bars has fallen by up to 50%.

“The Government needs to start to follow the example set by other countries such as Germany and provides as much money as is needed” said Lib Dem Cllr Ian Shires, Lib Dem Group Leader on Walsall Council.

The Lib Dems have backed a series of plans proposed by UK Hospitality that would help the industry such as

• A moratorium on business rates for a minimum of 3 months, extendable dependent on the extent of virus spread; any quarantined area to have business rates annulled for the period of non-trading

• Business payment delay to ease cash flow (i.e. on VAT, PAYE and NICs)

• VAT cut for hospitality and tourism, to incentivise bookings, so that trade can resume as quickly as possible when the virus threat subsides

“Hundreds of people across the borough could lose their jobs as businesses are forced to close. Doing nothing is not an option” said Ian.

Notes to editors

Original proposals and stats from UK Hospitality.

Content published and promoted by Willenhall Liberal Democrats all at 23 Lynwood Close, New Invention WV12 5BW

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