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So who were you really talking about Cllr Bird?

by danielbarker on 14 February, 2020

Last week in the press, it was reported that Tory Cllrs Bird and Perry had both labelled most elected councillors in Walsall as being bone idle. This week, as if to try and confirm that image in people’s minds, Walsall councillors were encouraged to be photographed ‘playing’ with LEGO to demonstrate the way councillors should work with their communities.

The thing that most people should remember is that no Tory councillor truly knows the workloads of Labour or Liberal Democrat councillors, because political rivalry means it’s not something that is openly shared between parties. So when Cllrs Bird & Perry both testified to having seen examples of bone idleness amongst Walsall councillors, they must have been talking about other Tory councillors – rationally, that’s the only thing that makes sense!

I for one know that I am not bone idle. This week, in addition to attending the presentation of the Communities Model on Tuesday and an Education Scrutiny meeting last night (which required a fair amount of reading to prepare), I did some voluntary work on Wednesday evening and dealt with several pieces of casework, in addition of course to doing by day-job which requires me commuting to Birmingham every day.

So I think the only conclusion that people can come to on this subject is that if you don’t want a bone idle councillor, don’t vote Tory in the local elections!

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