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by danielbarker on 10 February, 2020

Taken from an article published in Birmingham Live By Jonathan WalkerPolitical Editor 

Lib Dems have chosen their candidate for the mayoral election on May 7

Business leader and academic Beverley Nielsen has been selected as the Liberal Democrat candidate for May’s West Midlands Mayor election.

Ms Nielsen, a former West Midlands regional director of the CBI, worked in manufacturing as managing director of Fired Earth, a subsidiary of cooker company AGA. She is Associate Professor and Director at the Institute for Design & Economic Acceleration at Birmingham City University, and a councillor on Malvern Hills District Council.

She said: “We know that we need to spend more of our vital public sector funding to buy more products and services locally. It’s sad to note that the West Midlands has amongst the lowest levels of local public procurement in the UK and that the Combined Authority has made no impact here – I would change this and focus on West Midlands clean growth and new jobs and investment opportunities.

She also highlighted the need to improve public transport in order to cut air pollution caused by cars.

“We know more focus is going into ‘Clean Air Zones’ and moving people out of cars. 24% of UK domestic greenhouse gas emissions are from transport and of these, 93% are from road transport. Getting people onto public transport alternatives requires a far greater scale of investment than we have seen.

As the region’s Mayor, I would ensure we have a relentless focus on delivering clean, reliable and efficient public transport for our people and businesses.

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