General Election 12th December

by danielbarker on 30 October, 2019

So it’s going ahead on December 12th after all.

What people should remember:

This is not a referendum on any one issue; this is about who you trust to do a good job in government, potentially for the next 5 years.

Questions one should ask oneself:

Has the party elected into Government in 2017 done a good job? Have things improved in terms of education, social care, housing and the NHS since that election or even since the one before it in 2015?

Do I REALLY trust Boris not to do some deal with Trump which will ensure we have to pay more for our healthcare?

What has my MP actually done to help anyone since they got elected? What do I personally know about, separate from the spin they put in their glossy leaflets?

If you’re confused or bored silly by debate around the B-word, then I think the answer to the above questions should determine who you vote for.

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