by danielbarker on 9 September, 2019

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Liberal Democrat Shadow Chancellor, Ed Davey, has slammed the Conservative Government’s Spending Review as “fantasy figures” because of the ​economic threat to the UK posed by Brexit.

Speaking in the House of Commons this afternoon, Ed Davey said:

Mr Speaker, Liberal Democrats have fought for more cash for our schools, police and NHS.

But isn’t it the case that headteachers, chief constables and hospital managers simply cannot rely on the Chancellor’s fantasy figures, if Britain crashes out of the EU?

Mr Speaker, 2 months ago, the independent watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility, warned a No Deal Brexit would cost the public purse thirty billion pounds, every year, for the next four years.

What insurance has the Chancellor taken for this massive risk to his spending plans?

Today was supposed to be a serious statement, but the Chancellor is more like Del Trotter at Peckham market, trying to sell the public, dodgy goods, with no guarantee.

This isn’t luverly jubbly – it’s a con!

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