Who on Earth is in charge now?

by danielbarker on 2 September, 2019

Whatever side of the debate you’re on, I thought we all believed in Parliamentary democracy?

Okay, so we all get frustrated sometimes by the way our MPs behave – Parliament could do with a shake up – it should be modernised and reformed to better serve the people. However, until we get a proper reform bill enacted, it’s the way we do things, the system by which this country is governed.

Which is why the actions of Boris, Cummings & co are extremely worrying.

So first they decide our Parliamentarians should have a long autumn holiday as if there wasn’t a lot of important matters to be decided.

Then they’re suggesting – through Gove – that they might simply ignore the will of Parliament.

Now, there’s talk that some MPs will – completely unfairly – have their security clearances removed to prevent them attending votes so that the Government will get their own way.

This isn’t democracy. It isn’t the kind of thing that happens in our country; it’s the kind of thing we hear about happening in countries that don’t have a democratic tradition.

As long as this current lot are in charge, I will be very worried about the state of our democracy. And to be quite frank, I would take all government announcements with a pinch of salt.

If people care about our democracy, they should be on the side of the democratically elected Parliament – not the unelected Prime Minister – whichever side of the European debate they find themselves.


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