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Before you get excited….

by danielbarker on 6 August, 2019

… news of new money for the NHS, just examine the detail.

  1. This is one-off – not the regular increase in spending on the NHS that is required. The factors which make our hospitals so busy – such as people living longer than they used to – are ongoing, so what happens when this one-off expenditure is spent?
  2. Its capital, not revenue, so this extra money will not employ one more nurse or doctor. And what’s the major problem with the NHS at the moment? It’s that there’s not enough nurses or doctors. So this extra money will not go to where extra money is needed.
  3. Where’s this money coming from? A lot of people are saying it’s not new money at all, it’s money created by hospitals being forced to tighten their belts over a period of time. When hospital administrators were told they could not afford the things they wanted, some of them may have believed it was because money was needed elsewhere. Now it looks like the Tories planned all along to deliberately starve the NHS of capital for a period of time just so they could then spend it in one go as a pre-election gimmick!
  4. And by the way, neither Walsall Manor nor New Cross will get any money out of this, so we’re neglected once again despite our well-publicised health problems.


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