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Conservative civil war spreads to Walsall Council

by danielbarker on 9 April, 2019

Following last night’s council meeting, it appears the Conservatives are not only divided at Parliamentary level but locally as well.

Upon two motions put forwards by opposition councillors, two Conservative councillors broke rank and voted contrary to their party leadership. It meant that the Conservatives lost a couple of votes despite having superior numbers on the night.

Realising that he had lost control over his own party, Tory leader Mike Bird said for a couple of the motions (after the horse had well and truly bolted) that he was allowing his group a free vote. You could tell though (from what he said and how he looked) that he wasn’t happy!

The sad thing is, none of the motions were party political, so why was Cllr Bird treating them as such? The truth is that whilst he is the first person to quote the constitution when it suits him, he doesn’t like it when opposition councillors use it to ensure Walsall Council discusses the issues they want to discuss. They could propose motherhood and apple pie and he would still find a reason to abstain or vote against!

As Corporal Jones said in Dad’s Army, ‘they don’t like it up ’em’.

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