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When will this Brexitshambles end?

by danielbarker on 14 March, 2019

Whatever your view on Brexit, you cannot consider that the Conservatives have handled this issue well!

Now , most people will agree that we are witnessing nothing less than a constitutional crisis – and it’s all of the Conservative Party’s own making. From the start, Theresa May has put the unity of her party first, and yet she has failed spectacularly to keep her party together on this issue.

Talk of yet another ‘meaningful vote’ is surely a sign a madness! The Government is politically hitting it’s head against a brick wall, and is refusing to learn the lessons of defeat.

There’s also talk of another General Election. If it happened, nothing might change and we could be back to where we started. In any case, these votes have shown that there is two Conservative Parties at the moment – the one that backs Theresa’s deal, and the one that continually votes against it. I don’t vote Conservative, but I consider that any election without the two wings of the Conservatives present would be undemocratic. Otherwise, how on Earth could Conservative voters exercise choice on the issue?

And, let’s face it, the Labour Party is pretty split too. In all elections going forward, people should ask themselves which party is going to speak with one voice – surely we’ve all had enough of this chaos!

Ultimately, power is in the hands of the people. So I say to everyone, if you’re happy with the state of the nation, continue to vote for the two failed old parties, but if you want real change for the better, the Liberal Democrats are ready and waiting to deliver it. It’s up to you!

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