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Theresa – let the people respond to your letter

by danielbarker on 27 November, 2018

This week Theresa May has written a letter to the people, asking us to back her plan for leaving the EU; a plan for which no one voted.

The deal she has put forward has not been backed by her cabinet (including two Brexit Secretaries), her party or the country.

It is clear that no one believes this deal is right for the UK.

For over two years, the Liberal Democrats have been fighting for you to have the final say.

In that time, all Theresa May has achieved is alienating her party, dividing the country and losing her own mandate.

Jeremy Corbyn meanwhile has just vacillated and failed to listen to the clear voice of the people on Brexit.

So Theresa May, how can people respond to your letter? The only way is to let them vote upon your deal. You’ve started a conversation with the British public, let them have a vote so they can give their reply!

If you think the same, tell your MP. He may get a chance to back such a vote in the very near future………..

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