Hollybank House

by danielbarker on 10 April, 2018

As a councillor for Short Heath and member of the Health and Social Care Overview and Scrutiny Panel, it came as a shock when the first I heard about Hollybank House losing the beds to care for patients coming out of the Manor (not closing) came from a resident rather than from anyone with responsibility at the Council.

Last night I expressed my disappointment to Walsall Cabinet’s portfolio holder for Adult Social Care. As suspected, the Clinical Commissioning Group has removed the funding for the service carried out at Hollybank House against the wishes of Walsall Council. Hollybank House will not close; I understand that it will remain as a hub for healthcare professionals in the area. Nevertheless, it is extremely disappointing to everyone who has ever been there that the step-down service Hollybank provides to patients coming out the Manor is coming to an end.

It is clear to me that ultimately the fault lies with the Conservative Government who simply haven’t given the NHS the funds it needs to do its job! Those who helped elect a Conservative MP for Walsall North have to realise that the ending of Hollybank House’s step-down service is just one consequence of their decision to vote Conservative at the last general election. The new MP has not voted in Parliament for the kind of money that Liberal Democrats believe the NHS needs and has instead supported a Conservative budget that does little to address the pressures the NHS is facing.

The portfolio holder has pledged to give me more information on the future of Hollybank, and any further information I get I will share with you through this blog.

But in the meantime, voters should think on about the consequences of voting Conservative. They’ve told voters many times that they believe in a small state – THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS!

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