Former Brown Jug PH site – update

by danielbarker on 5 March, 2018

Following a long hard fought campaign by Willenhall Liberal Democrats a notice was served on the owners of the former Brown Jug Public House in January, giving the owners 28 days to take action on the state of the site.

The 28 days are now up, so we contacted the planners and now the legal process begins. We can’t say too much about this as we don’t want to prejudice the Council’s legal case.

One thing we Liberal Democrats consider is beyond contempt is politicians who rock up when all the hard work has been done by others then claim the credit it in a glossy leaflet just before Local Elections. Talk about treating people with contempt!

Lest we forget the following……..

Tory cuts decimate planning enforcement:

When the current coalition between Lib Dems and Labour took over running the Council in 2016, we found that there were no dedicated Planning Enforcement Officers. The previous Conservative administration had allowed the service to become depleted as part of the cuts that were imposed by them.

We (the coalition) have had to take action to rebuild the enforcement team who are now busy sorting out the huge backlog of enforcement cases of which the Brown Jug is a part. As was the small housing development next door as were many more sites across Willenhall.

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