Government impact studies show Brexit will hit Midlands and North-East hardest

by danielbarker on 8 February, 2018

Every region in Britain will take a hit to economic growth after Brexit, the government’s impact studies find.

The West Midlands would take a 13% hit under a ‘no deal’ outcome (favoured by a number of vocal Tories – Editor), 8% with a free-trade deal and 2.5% by staying in the single market.

In contrast, London is predicted to take the least damage with a 3.5% after ‘no deal’, 2% with a free trade deal and 1% by staying in the single market.

The figures were leaked as Theresa May called her inner ‘war cabinet’ of senior ministers for meetings to thrash out what kind of trade relationship the UK will seek in negotiations. Brussels has said it wants to curtail the UK’s single market benefits if it breaches agreements on a transition deal.

Labour MP Stephen Doughty…said it was ‘utterly shameful people all across the country are having to rely on leaks to find out how much damage a hard, destructive Brexit will do to their local economies and the country’.

Liberal Democrat Tom Brake added people ‘should be allowed a vote on the final deal’.

(Taken from a METRO article by Joel Taylor published Thursday, February 8, 2018)

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