How stupid do they think we are?

by danielbarker on 12 January, 2018

So the Tories are now trying to convince us they are a ‘green’ party by launching a plan that will take 25 years to complete. Its a bit like an old factory hoisting a flag saying ‘we’re green’ whilst at the same time churning out plumes of sooty smoke – not very convincing!

Let’s not forget the Tories’ recent record on environmental policy:

– Scrapping support for onshore wind – subsidies to new onshore wind farms were halted.
– Removing the guaranteed level of subsidy for coal or other fossil fuelled-power stations which are converting to wood or another biomass fuel.
– Killing the former flagship green homes scheme
– Selling off most of the green investment bank
– Watering down the incentive to buy a greener car
– Giving up on zero carbon homes
– Fracking in Britain’s most important nature sites

So the Tories can say they’re green until they’re blue in the face – we won’t believe them! Not when analysts are pointing out that some poor African countries are putting us to shame with better environmental laws than we’ve got.

How stupid do they think we are?

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