Don’t be fooled by misleading literature and vague slurs

by danielbarker on 16 October, 2017

Conservatives in Walsall were spotted over the weekend delivering glossy leaflets with their version of the truth to the residents of Willenhall.

One of these leaflets was passed to me, and although it looks expensive to make, the content is far from impressive. Let’s provide a sample of the kind of things they were saying (with my honest opinions in brackets!)

– ‘Lib-Dem councillors forcing unnecessary and harmful decisions in our local council’ (no detail provided so its just a vague slur, isn’t it.)

– ‘With recent attempts by the opposition parties to derail Brexit in Parliament… is more important than ever to have a strong Conservative team locally.’ (So they’re implying that electing a local Conservative councillor will keep Brexit on course – how thick do they think people in Willenhall are! What an insult to their intelligence!)

– ‘We are…opposing the Labour and Lib-Dem coalition buying for £13.8 million a loss making shopping centre at the same time as not cutting our grass'(again, they’re insulting people’s intelligence. Anyone who knows anything about economics knows that capital and revenue are two separate pots of money, and the Tory Government’s cuts to Walsall have been revenue cuts. Acquiring property and using it to generate income is one of the only ways councils in the future will be able to raise enough money to do anything! If Tories want the council to manicure everyone’s grass, they should come clean about what social care budget they want slashing. That’s the real choice facing decision-makers at the council, and Tories know it! You can have pretty green areas, but it will mean less care for your elderly relatives, apart from those who can afford to go private of course.)

Plastered all over these leaflets are pictures of the new Walsall North MP Eddie Hughes. If he thinks people in Willenhall will believe the nonsense outlined above, he’s going to be in for a real shock when he comes up for re-election!

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