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Strong and stable leadership?

by danielbarker on 3 October, 2017

Tories in leadership crisis

by Ian Shires on 1 October, 2017

At the start of the Tory Conference Theresa May is looking more and more like a disaster waiting to happen.

Stabbed in the back by a growing number of members of her own cabinet it will be interesting to see just where Walsall North’s new Tory MP Eddie Hughes and West Midland’s Metro Mayor Andy Street position themselves on this issue. After all, you have a right to know given the big part Mrs May played in their respective election campaigns. Both were pictured time and again with Mrs May in their glossy election leaflets. In fact Metro Mayor Andy Street made great store of making meeting with Mrs May as on of his ten things to do in his first 100 days of office!

Well a week’s a long time in politics as they say, and certainly the Tory keynote message of “Strong and Stable” blazoned across billboards and leaflets the length and breadth of the land seems to have morphed into “Weak and Feeble”.

So Eddie and Andy, just where do you stand in all this? Are you still “Strong and Stable” with Mrs May? Or are you contemplating just where your allegiances may best suit your political futures?

Either way, there is still doubt more than a year in about what a Brexit Deal might look like. The £ has taken a tumble hiking up the pressures on those “just about managing” as interest rates begin to rise and house values fall. These were the people you pledged to help.

The Referendum was supposed to have healed the deep divisions within the Tory Party. A year on and it’s obvious that it didn’t. The Tories are more divided than ever as they squabble over hard Brexit v soft Brexit. They went into this whole Brexit thing without a plan. There’s an old saying “Fail to plan and you plan to fail”. Never has this been more true.

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