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Tim Farron – a victim of an anti-Christian witch-hunt

by danielbarker on 15 June, 2017

The Archbishop of Canterbury has tweeted – Tim Farron honourable & decent. Regardless of party if he can’t be in politics media & politicians have questions.

He is absolutely right. Tim faced questions on his personal beliefs that, as far as I am aware, were not put to leaders of other political parties. Why? I can only assume it was because he did not hide his Christian faith.

Some journalists – or maybe its their newspaper editors – seem to have it in for Christians. If Muslim, Sikh or Hindu politicians were bombarded with questions about their beliefs the way Tim was, allegations of racism or religious prejudice would have been made against the journalists in question. Yet Christians it seems are fair game.

Tim is not the head of the church. Like myself, he is a follower of Christ. We do not have all the answers to questions such as why the Bible says this or that upon different issues, so it was wrong for him to be constantly questioned about his personal beliefs. Like many people, he may have just been working out the answers to these questions himself, and to be put on the spot about them in public in those circumstances is unfair.

Tim is a politician and his remit is policy. Even lazy journalists can check Tim’s voting record on gay rights if they want to know the score there. The fact that journalists chose to vigorously question him on issues outside of that policy remit speaks volumes on their barely hidden agenda – anti-Christian and anti-Liberal Democrat!

The best way for the party going forward is for members to choose the best person to lead us irrespective of their faith. The last thing we should do is give in to the advocates of this terrible agenda.

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