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The kind of ‘chaos’ I like

by danielbarker on 14 June, 2017

Some people have been despairing the ‘chaos’ that we now find ourselves in nationally.
However, if this situation leads to the Conservatives abandoning many of the terrible policies within their manifesto, then it’s the kind of ‘chaos’ I like!

Let’s face it, this was never an ordinary election – occurring because a government’s term of office was coming to an end – this was nothing less than a referendum on whether we wished to back Theresa’s Tories to do whatever they wanted. A huge majority would have given them that mandate. But most people took one look at their manifesto and said, thanks but no thanks!

So then, in this ‘referendum’ on the Tories manifesto, around 57% voted against it – that’s a bigger percentage than that which backed Brexit! There is therefore a strong mandate for ditching many of the policies on which Conservatives stood; the ‘dementia tax’, grammar schools, and yes, a hard Brexit! True, Labour’s policy on Brexit is very confused, but its clear from the result last Thursday that many Remainers backed Labour, presumably because they were standing on a platform of retaining all benefits of being part of the EU.

Whatever commentators may say, I can’t see the DUP exacting a deal from the Tories that includes some of their more illiberal policies, which would be beyond the pale for those in the liberal wing of the Conservatives. And would they seriously agree to anything that would threaten the peace of northern Ireland? (Its more likely that the Conservatives would remove themselves from their ‘honest broker’ role in the Northern Ireland talks, maybe allowing representatives of the Crown to take their place). Providing these two unlikely results from talks don’t emerge, and we do see the end of the worst policies in the Tories’ manifesto, this is indeed the kind of ‘chaos’ I like!

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