Those missing Freepost Leaflets – a message from Cllr Ian Shires

by danielbarker on 13 June, 2017

Getting very concerned about the number of residents in Walsall North who have told us that they did not receive anything off the Lib Dems during the recent General Election campaign.

Everyone should have had something through the freepost, yet there are many areas who have said that they have only received election material off the Tories and UKIP. Seems strange that nothing got through doors in some areas in spite of our getting leaflets to the Royal Mail in time.

Where I live in New Invention, Willenhall we didn’t get anything till the day before the election. Also have to say that we didn’t get anything off Labour through the freepost either. Strange or what?

If you live in the Walsall North constituency and didn’t receive an election leaflet through the post we would like to know.

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