Willenhall residents come together for Health Event

by danielbarker on 12 December, 2012

Posted December 12, 2012
Residents, volunteers and professionals got together this Monday to thrash out the outlines of a plan to attack some long standing issues which have a direct bearing in the health and well-being of those who live and work in Willenhall.

Health and Local Government professionals presented some hard facts about Willenhall, Short Heath and New Invention which lead to the conclusion that health can’t be looked at in isolation. Where we live, our education, work and our social life all have a bearing on who we are in health terms.

The second half of the 2 hour event concentrated on identifying the main issues and how we can utilise the wealth of volunteers and professionals the exist across the area to break a cycle of events which has led to sections of the community affected by health inequalities in its many forms.

The wealth of ideas and comments collected throughout the event will be collated and shared with the community as it continues to produce a plan to improve the quality of life for those living across Willenhall

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